ABC News leading TV ratings sweeps

ABC’s World News Tonight won the ratings race for April and is leading the May sweeps period so far. CBS’ Evening News with Katie Couric is last with a 20-year low, according to Michele Greppi of TV Week:

There was no specific cause for the ratings dips in either “Evening News” or “Nightly News,” since there were no major disruptions of either newscast’s distribution last week.

For the week, “World News” averaged 8.1 million viewers, 2.4 million of the in the 25-54 demo. “Nightly News” averaged 7.5 million viewers, 2.2 million in the 25-54 demo. “Evening News” averaged 6.1 million viewers, 1.9 million of them in the young demo.

Read the whole report at the link above. As Hugh Hewitt notes, none of the three “major networks” reaches even so many as 3% of Americans.

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