Poor & Gentrified

Don’t let the foregoing unemployment rates fool you — there are places in this country in which vast throngs of people are in dire straights:

Affordable housing advocates lambasted political leaders Wednesday for having failed to adopt a measure requiring that a percentage of new housing be set aside for low and moderate-income residents.

Families have had to move to outlying areas to find homes they can afford, and many are being pushed out by rising rents, said Amie Fishman, executive director of an affordable housing advocacy coalition.

Coalition members said they surveyed hundreds of residents and spoke with hundreds of other people at community meetings and found that 99 percent of respondents identified the lack of affordable housing – both for rent and for purchase – as a big problem.

Pretty grim, huh?

Unfortunately those are the grim realities for poor people in the liberal-Democrat stronghold of Oakland, California.

BTW, doesn’t Oakland have ‘rent control’ measures in place? Why, then, are rents so unafford . . . . . oh, right.

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