Iraq and the Milbloggers

I will be leaving soon to travel to the 2007 Milblog Conference in Arlington. I am really looking forward to meeting some amazing bloggers I have read for years and will be hanging out with Mary Katharine for a bit, which is always fun. I will be live blogging from the conference tomorrow so be sure to check it out. The lineup of panel speakers (and attendees for that matter) is really impressive.

I am sure there will be much talk at the conference about Iraq. I have a column today at Townhall titled “Democrats vote to own defeat in Iraq.” Here is an excerpt:

The Democrats made the final payment this week. They are no longer just partially invested, but now they own defeat in Iraq, going on record with their votes in favor of retreat. What is most disturbing though, is not so much that they have made a tactical decision to broadcast our military’s itinerary to the enemy, putting our troops at a tremendous disadvantage and all but ensuring failure, but that so many of them seem to relish the prospect of defeat.

These are harsh words, to be sure, but it is evident in their words and actions that Congressional Democrats’ strategy on the war contains a political component they believe will win them additional seats in 2008.

Update: Also read Bob Owens’ post about Murtha’s comments about General Petreaus.

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