HuffPo Hotlinking Redux

Yesterday I highlighted a case of what I suspected to be garden variety hotlinking at The Huffington Post by Max Blumenthal. Max Blumenthal is an employee of Media Matters, a writer for Nation magazine, and the son of former Clinton adviser and journalist Sidney Blumenthal. Huffington Post wasn’t the only place Blumenthal’s screed against Christopher Hitchens was posted. He posted the same piece on his own site and Smirking Chimp. The Family Research Council photo of Hitchens was altered by the webmasters at FRC to gently inform Blumenthal that hotlinking without permission is not a good idea. Here’s how it looked yesterday.


Well today I went back to the original Huffington Post piece and what did I see?


Certainly Blumenthal got the point that the image owner was trying to convey and is now hosting the image himself, right? The HTML code for the picture now showing the image at Huffington Post is shown below.

<img src=”” alt=”hitchens fraud” /> <br />
<em>Hitchens, poorly disguised as Colonel Sanders, meets with young cadres of the Family Research Council in 2005</em>

In response to being caught red-handed hotlinking an image from FRC’s servers Blumenthal doesn’t take down the image or rehost it somewhere else (such as a free image hosting service), but rather he makes the extra effort to go find the original (unaltered) picture on the FRC site and re-hotlink it.

That’s not ignorance of how the web works, no that’s willfully dishonest bandwidth theft on the part of Mr. Blumenthal.

Update: Caught again…


Blumenthal is now clearly trying to steal this image by hotlinking it. He knows that FRC will not give him permission to use their photo, so he’s going to steal it by hotlinking the image.

Update 2: The guys at FRC passed along this screencap. Evidently they’ve been rotating the site shown in the image for a while now…


Update 3: Oh, it looks like little Maxy realized the graphic he was stealing kept getting changed… Now he claims HE was hacked…

Update: KKK paypal and friend of the white supremacist Council of Conservative Citizens, Tony Perkins, has orchestrated the hacking of this post. In doing so, he has drawn greater attention to his links to and ideological support for white supremacists. The photo of Christopher Hitchens posing with the Family Research Council’s Witherspoon Fellows was scrubbed from FRC’s site today out of fear that I would link to it again. Not only does the FRC want to suppress Perkins’ links to white supremacists, it wants to suppress its own association with Hitchens. This begs the question: who embarrasses Perkins more, the Klan or Christopher Hitchens?

Clearly this guy is a n00b. The one who “orchestrated the hacking” was Blumenthal himself by hotlinking someone else’s hosted image without their consent. Jesus, do his bosses at Media Matters and The Nation know what a dumbass this guy is?

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