Glass Ceiling

Ruth Simmons says she once wrote the best essay in her literature class only to have one of her professors shun her because she was black, or a woman, or both.

Damn, who knew women of color once faced those types of indignities over at Harvard University?

There’s more:

Women still are not proportionately represented in the ranks of tenured faculty at the world’s major research universities, panelists said.


I can’t help but wonder what Lawrence Summers thinks about . . . oh, right, never mind.

On a serious note, reading that article caused me to think back to my halcyon days over at U.C. Ber-zerk-eley. A woman, Herma Hill Kay, was the dean of the school I attended. But I can’t recall a single one of my professor-bots being female.

Not one. Zilch. Nada.

Granted, that was a long time ago, and perhaps things have changed a bit for the better since then, but still you have to wonder about that ‘old boy’s club’ in liberal academia, don’t you?

Is it supply and demand or merely chauvinism?

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