All To The Good – An Attempt At Constructive Debate

As promised, I am opening the forum to the room for everyone interested, to defend the good works and ideals of your political party. This is, I stress, not a place for attacking someone else or their claims. Indeed, the only “score” which will be kept here, is a tally of strikes against those who post negative, insulting, or offensive comments.

Since you have had a day to prepare, please make clear, succinct statements about what your political party has done in the last 40 years – the equivalent of a generation – which has added to America’s store of worth and ideals. If you are vague or fail to support your case with evidence, readers may ask you for clarification or support. However, attempts to directly challenge assertions or impugn motives will be charged as negative attacks for this thread.

Having seen the difficulty in getting people to respect opposing opinions, I will herewith repeat the categories of strikes:

STRIKES – As we have unfortunately seen even in this initial thread, some people are unwilling to comply with simple standards of courtesy. Therefore, even though this debate is not a competition, a record will be kept of untoward behavior. Whenever someone posts a comment which engages in negative behavior, such as attacking the other side’s claim, making insults, or impersonating another person, the offending passage will be removed and a STRIKE assigned with the following values:

1 STRIKE – Attempting to derail the thread, challenging a claim made by another party, or insulting a leader from another party

2 STRIKES – Personal insults of any kind, any profanity

3 STRIKES – Impersonating another person (I can check IP addresses) for the purpose of trying to make them look like they are breaking the rules

This does not apply to any other thread, or to any other situation. I am using it here as a tool to show a group’s ability or lack thereof to address the topic with decorum. Any complaints about the rules in place for this debate will be deleted. You are not required to participate, but if you do the rules apply to everyone.

The objective here is to advance knowledge and try to demonstrate the virtue of the Blogosphere for constructive debate. It’s up to you whether this test fails or succeeds. And if possible, to enjoy the exchange and the civility.

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