“Baghdad Jim” Owned by Rep. John Boehner

Appeals Court Rebuffs McDermott, Upholds $720,000 Award

Rep. Jim McDermott had no right to disclose the contents of an illegally taped telephone call involving House Republican leaders a decade ago, a federal appeals court ruled Tuesday.

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McDermott’s offense was especially egregious since he was a senior member of the House ethics committee, the [court] ruled.

Ah, yes, Baghdad Jim.

I distinctly remember that fiasco. As I think it over, it comes to mind the mid-1990’s were halcyon days for conservative political junkies, weren’t they?

The Kos Kidz were around 10 years old, so we didn’t have to deal with their drivel.

Pelosi merely was a multi-millionaire space cadet, as opposed to a multi-millionaire space cadet with actual political power!

Sure, of course, having Clinton in the White House made you want to move your bowels, but Saint Bill easily could be tuned out.

Ah, well, it’s now Whitewater under the bridge.


The [court’s] ruling upholds a previous decision ordering McDermott to pay House Minority Leader John Boehner . . . more than $700,000 for leaking the [illegally] taped conversation.

Money, money, money.

In the final analysis, however, that’s nothing for a media/Democrat. Hell, Boxer, Kerry, Lautenberg, Kohl, and Feinstein, they all could pay that sum out of pocket change. John Edwards spends more each year on haircuts. Besides they’ll just gather up some union money and inherited-wealth liberal money and move on to the next ad buy.

BTW, the judge who wrote the majority opinion is Raymond Randolph and the judge who cast the deciding vote is Thomas Griffith. Judge Randolph was appointed by George H.W. Bush; Judge Griffith was appointed by George W. Bush.

Go figure.

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Full text of opinion: here.
AP article: here.

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