A little late to the party

Recently, the Washington Post published a piece where they labelled John McCain as “the most absentee ’08 Senator.” Since he started campaigning seriously for the presidency, it seems that the good Senator has missed quite a few roll call votes — 18 straight ones, and 26 of 33 in the last month.

It’s a compelling statistic. While he’s running for a new job, he’s pretty much blowing off the one he already has.

Too bad I already beat them to the punch. In August of 2004, I pointed out how John Kerry had barely made 10% of roll call votes for the entire second session to date of the 110th Congress — not just over one month.

At the time, I argued that Kerry ought to show the same character and sense of duty that Bob Dole had when he resigned from the Senate for his own 1996 presidential campaign. In this case, I’m considering doing the same for McCain, Obama, Clinton, Biden, and Dodd.

But not just yet.

McCain’s absenteeism could be an aberration. Kerry’s was systemic. I’ll give it a little time before I’ll pass judgment.

I’ll also be curious to see if the Washington Post’s newest concern about senatorial absenteeism will extend to McCain’s Democratic rivals.

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