The Questions Those in the Media Aren’t Asking Now

John Hawkins has my favorite post of the day, possibly of the year. At Right Wing News he discusses the ways Democrats dishonestly debate the Iraq War, including the way they always ignore discussion of the consequences of the actions (or inactions) they propose. Then he hits the nail on the head by comparing what liberals say the media did in the lead up to the war, to what they are now doing in the lead up to proposed withdrawal:

If we leave Iraq before the Iraqis are capable of handling their own internal security, the resulting firestorm will likely make what’s going on there today look like a Sunday picnic, which is why any discussion of setting an arbitrary timeline or cutting and running should also feature in depth discussion of the consequences of that action.

You’d think that would be a no brainer, wouldn’t you? After all, wasn’t there just a phony baloney Bill Moyer special claiming that the press didn’t ask enough tough questions getting into the war when it was popular (which wasn’t true at all)? So now, getting out of the war is popular and guess what; the press is studiously avoiding asking any tough questions about it — and where are the “watchdogs” in the press? Which members of the mainstream media are regularly asking Nancy Pelosi, John Murtha, Harry Reid, Barack Obama, John Edwards, and Hillary Clinton what they think the ramifications of leaving Iraq will be? They’re advocating a course of action similar to cutting the brake lines on car and pushing it down a steep, pedestrian filled hill and all they’re saying about it is something similar to, “Even though Bush is totally opposed to this, whatever happens will be his fault,” or “The polls say that the American people are tired of driving this car!”Read the entire post. The first part describes what has had me virtually screaming at the top of my lungs for the past three years. The second part points out what we should all be screaming about now.

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