If Osama Bin Laden Issued His Own Time table for Withdrawal from Iraq…

It would work to our benefit, right? Writers at Red State interviewed Colonel Michael Everett who is heavily involved in working with the Iraqis “in encouraging the Iraqis to develop legislative tools to resolve their differences and advance their new nation.” Colonel Everett discusses Iraq’s developing government and why it’s such a bad idea for the United States to issue a time table for withdrawal. Here’s a portion:

I asked the Colonel about the response of Iraqi politicians to the bill mandating a withdrawal of American combat troops from Iraq beginning October 1 and ending no later than March 1.

They have not made an official response, but I would say that the Prime Minister is opposed to it because once again it plays into the hands of the insurgents. If Osama bin Laden stood up and said “Here’s my timetable for withdrawing from Iraq” it would be of significant benefit to us both tactically and strategically.

In other words, Nancy Pelosi and Harry Reid are playing into the hands of the insurgents, both tactically and strategically.


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