Will the left declare a fatwa on the Boston Globe?

One of the silliest political arguments I’ve heard in a long, long time has to be the fuss whenever someone refers to “the Democrat party.” I have no idea what the origin or intent of the usage is, but it’s usually guaranteed to get certain people bent out of shape — far, far more out of shape than I can think is justified. I’ve been tempted to do it myself on occasion, just for the sheer amusement of provoking a response, but I’ve never dared. Since I don’t know just why it’s such an insult, I could end up putting my foot far further in my mouth than I intended — and I’ve been through that before.

Personally, I’ve tended to refer to groups by the terms they tend to use for themselves. It’s not only a courtesy, but it avoids precisely these types of silly arguments that get in the way of a real debate. Hence when it comes to discussing abortion (which I usually don’t), I let each group choose its own name: pro-choice and pro-life. Neither side gets to determine the name for the other, so I don’t refer to the “anti-choice” and “pro-abortion” sides.

(A brief aside: I once heard a talk show host explain why he never discusses abortion. His point was simple: pretty much everyone already has an opinion, almost no one is going to let themselves be persuaded to the other side, and there hasn’t been anything new said on the issue in about 30 years. I found that quite compelling, and have largely adopted it to my own blogging.)

Well, the “Democrat” gauntlet has been thrown down again, and this time the assault has come from an unexpected corner — the Boston Globe.

Red-on-red carnage is such a wonderful thing, especially when it’s the Blues doing it to each other…

And if anyone can, calmly and rationally, explain just how the omission of the “-ic” suffix is such a vile insult, and not just a silly little affectation that reflects a certain laziness on the utterer and a hypersensitivity on the listener, I’d be grateful.

But not too grateful. Like I said, it seems one of the dumbest arguments I’ve ever heard — and that says a LOT.

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