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That’s *Mr.* Chief Justice to You, Chomskies

I got a kick out of this account:

Chief Justice Denies Gitmo Detainees Request

Chief Justice John Roberts on Thursday denied a request to step in and prevent cases of prisoners at Guantanamo Bay from being thrown out of court.

Lawyers representing the detainees had argued if the Supreme Court did not intervene ‘the goverment no longer will be constrained … from transferring petitioners from Guantanamo to countries or facilities where they may be tortured or abused…’

Boo freakin’ hoo.

Information Source: click here.

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Immigration Prosecutions Bog Down Federal Court System

Illegal immigration-related felony cases are swamping federal courts along the Southwest border, forcing judges there to handle hundreds more cases than their peers elsewhere.

Although the prior Congress drastically increased the number of border patrol officers, the pace of recent law enforcement efforts against illegal immigrants has eclipsed the resources of the local federal court systems. ‘The need [for more judges] is really dire. You cannot keep increasing the number of Border Patrol agents but not increasing the number of judges,’ said Chief Judge John M. Roll of the District of Arizona.

Hang on a minute. Hold the phone.

Who knew the federal government even arrested illegal immigrants, much less prosecuted them by the thousands in our courts of law???

There’s more:

During a push to crack down on illegal immigrants last fall, Customs and Border Protection floated a plan called ‘Operation Streamline,’ which would have suspended the practice of deporting illegal immigrants and instead would have prosecuted all those arrested for immigration violations in district court. But then New Mexico’s federal judges told the Border Patrol they lacked the resources to handle the hundreds of new defendants who would stream into the court system every day.

Wait a minute.

You mean to tell me we can’t just wave our magic wands and illegal immigrants will go *poof* and disappear — like Elizabeth Montgomery did after wiggling her nose on Bewitched?

That there’s no switch we can flick and illegals will be teleported out of the country — like on Star Trek??

That it will require massive amounts of time, effort and, yeah, taxpayer dollars, not to mention various degrees of {gulp} political compromises, to solve this 30-year-old problem????

Sacre bleu.

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On a serious note, you might want to read the entire AP article on which that second note is based. It’s got lots of interesting info/insights and certainly by AP standards a decided lack of any obvious anti-Bush agenda.

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