How Do You Know When You’ve Lost?

The following was written by my good friend, and really smart guy, Bruce Kesler. Please visit Democracy Project to read the rest.

How do you know when you’ve lost? When you’re dead or you’ve surrendered. Otherwise, you’re in the fight.

How do you know that you’re going to lose? When your death or surrender are certain.

If you’re not certain, and the stakes are worth it, you continue to fight.

If you don’t believe the stakes are worth it, then quit.

If those on your side don’t recognize who the enemy is, they’ll walk away or fritter away possibilities by turning on each other.

The Democrat leadership is certain that the United States, and those in Iraq who struggle to build, will fail. The Democrats don’t believe the stakes there and consequent are worth having either an open mind or perseverance.

There is no one knowledgeable who agrees with the Democrats. Regardless of whether a critic or supporter of U.S. strategy and tactics, all those knowledgeable recognize that the consequences of bugging out would be even worse than what’s there now. The Democrat leaders seek to cloak their irresponsibility in formulas for a small residual force — that would be overwhelmed by the challenges — or regional states’ cooperation — by sworn adversaries and accommodators with little record of being or incentive to be constructive.

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