Good coach, bad coach

Two Massachusetts coaches made the news this week. One of them, Brighton High’s baseball coach William Mahoney, found himself the subject of intense police attention — but most likely didn’t mind it too much. He was a witness to an assault a while ago, and scheduled to testify against a student in the matter. The student didn’t appreciate that, so he and a buddy made a profanity-strewn, death-threatening call to the coach. Now they find themselves facing even more serious charges.

On the other hand, now former Boston College women’s hockey coach Tom Mutch would most likely rather have been off the public radar this week. Mutch, 39 and married (to a former player of his) and father, was caught swapping sexually-explicit text messages with the team’s star, 19-year-old Kelli Stack. Horridly bad jokes based on hockey, sports in general, and the principals’ names have been all over the airwaves.

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