Your Questions About Wizbang Blue Answered


Following up on yesterday’s launch of Wizbang Blue, I want to provide a forum to answer specific questions raised by some Wizbang readers. This is also a spot to ask your questions, which will be answered in sort of a FAQ fashion.

I’ll give you a couple hours to fire off your questions in the comment section then I’ll update the post with answers.

Update: OK, first question: Do Lee, Mantis, et all now have access to information about commenters at Wizbang?

Answer: No. This one might be a little hard to explain to readers who have never used the software that runs the Wizbang sites (Movable Type), so for those folks the “no” will have to suffice. The longer answer is that each site is its own entity with its own permissions. Everyone who rights at one of the Wizbang sites gets and author ID, then they get permissions to access the sites where they will write. The authors a Wizbang Blue have permissions to that site only. Tracey who writes at Wizbang Pop! only has permissions on that site, and it goes like that right on down the list of authors. Without permissions to a site an author doesn’t even see it from within the administrative interface. In general, an author on any Wizbang site can see is the name, e-mail address, and IP address of those who comment on their posts. That’s really all the information there is…

Second question: Why are you giving the keys to the castle to a moonbat like Lee?

Answer: Lee doesn’t “have the keys.” He’s an author on that site, just as others are on other sites. Anyone who is signed up on the Bomb Squad site has similar permissions.

Third question: What happened to The Bomb Squad?

Answer: It’s still there, but in the coming weeks it will be relocated to our Wizbang Forum site. The entry bar to participation in a forum is much lower than the hassle of signing up as an author in Movable Type. Via the magic is RSS we can integrate content from the forums on pages around Wizbang and that’s exactly what we’ll do,

Fourth question: Why waste the time and energy to make such a site?

Answer: Perhaps the cumulative suggestions to the effect of, “you aren’t covering X?” had an effect…

Fifth question: Lee? Of all people, he’s spewed monkey-poo on this site for years and now he gets a larger amplifier? Doesn’t make sense to me.

Perhaps it can be a glass half full/glass half empty situation. If he’s posting there perhaps he’s not spreading as much poo. But seriously, some of our current (and past) authors at Wizbang were hardly shrinking violets and engaged in serious battles with various commenter’s. I’ve had to mediate in all sorts of author vs. commenter and commenter vs. commenter battles. One thing about switching from commenter to author is that is changes your perspective when you’re the one who has to clean the poo…

Sixth question: What gives with the format? Can’t it be reconciled with the rest of Wizbang? It would makes the mental jump a little easier.

Answer: The look at Wizbang Blue is interim and will be changing to a new design very soon. Sorry, it can’t really be coded to look like the rest of Wizbang because the CSS just really doesn’t match up. It’s an interim step (at the templating and CSS level) toward where we will be migrating all of the sites with our forthcoming new designs. As an example of the limitations of the current Wizbang design, I can’t offer Typekey (or other authentication service) functionality because the current design just isn’t built to handle it. That said I will be tweaking the current Wizbang Blue layouts for readability, focusing mainly on the comment blocks. There are a lot of non-design features in the layout of Wizbang Blue that it was critical that we get a chance to see in action before rolling them out across the sites – things like the Hot! page, comment ratings, multi-author blogroll management, etc.

The theme is a generic MT port of the Cutline theme. If you’d like to help us out with some formatting (for comments, backgrounds, etc.grab the CSS from the page and send me your proposed changes.

That’s a start to some of the questions that have been asked…

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