Wizbang’s Great Michelle Malkin Midnight Massacre

(Disclaimer: the “massacre” actually took place between 4 and 5 a.m., not at midnight, but I can’t resist a good alliteration)

Michelle Malkin provides a great service for public discourse. It’s not what she says or does, but the reactions she provokes. She is a catalyst. Somehow, she consistently manages to get people to let down their guard and unleash their true inner hatred and venom, exposing themselves as the vile, despicable, loathesome people they are — but manage to conceal most of the time.

I have my own theory: because she’s a “twofer” minority (both a woman and Asian), the left tends to think that they ought to “own” her fealty. By choosing to embrace conservatism, she is seen as a traitor to the “identity politics” that defines so much of the left and, as such, is subject to the full traditional penalties for heresy.

But regardless of the cause, the effect is unmistakable. Pretty any much discussion of her — or something she has said or written — is pretty much guaranteed to eventually degenerate into vile sexual and racist slurs. It’s apparently not enough to argue with her positions and statements; she must be utterly destroyed as a person. Hell, most times they don’t even bother to go after what she said or did and go straight to the vileness.

A textbook example is Lorie’s piece yesterday, where she linked to Michelle’s latest “Vent.” In that one, Michelle put on a cheerleader outfit and did a little routine.

I have to wonder if she did that deliberately. (Michelle, that is, not Lorie.) I suspect she was setting up her detractors to launch a fresh wave of bile and sewage against her, “taking one for the team” to get them to expose their true inner ugliness.

Well, it worked out amazingly well over here. RedStayteToofpaste, Adrian Browne, and Steigen all played right into her hands and vented their spleens all over the place, with some of the nastier comments seen around these parts for some time.

But they won’t do that again.

I find myself struggling to find some leftist equivalents of people like Michelle Malkin or Ann Coulter — women who are so reviled by the right that they immediately resort to crude sexual, racial, or other personal attacks instead of their points. Only two come to mind — Rosie O’Donnell and Hillary Clinton. For them, though, the nastiest attacks I can recall tend to focus on their appearance in general, and their weight specifically. I don’t recall anything as vile and as common as the racist and sexual slurs Malkin receives on a regular basis.

I find myself wondering when NOW will ever issue a statement decrying the treatment of Michelle Malkin, or for gay rights groups to denounce the routine “transexual” schtick against Ann Coulter. But I don’t bother holding my breath waiting for ’em.

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