Reid calls General Petraeus a liar

Watch the video of Senate Majority Leader Harry Reid proclaiming Iraq a lost cause, and directly calling General Petraeus a liar for saying progress is being made, courtesy of Allahpundit at HotAir:

I included a bit at the beginning of the clip to show how absurd are the Clintonian semantics he’s resorted to in order to spin his recent declaration of defeat. Petraeus doesn’t believe, as Reid apparently does, that “the war is lost”; he believes that military force alone can’t win it at this point. Reid says he doesn’t grasp the distinction, but of course he does — he’s just worried about losing some of those extra Senate seats he expects to pick up from an American defeat. All other consequences be damned.

Read the whole post and view the video at the above link.

Harry Reid was decrying timetables and “defunding” as recently as December, and voted to confirm General Petraeus. Now he does a complete turnabout on both, and calls the General a liar (bet he wouldn’t do that to the General’s face outside).

Watch the video, though, especially at the end. Notice when he mentions the “two dozen” people killed by terrorist attack in Kurdish territory – he can’t suppress his smug little smile! And then declares the war lost again . . .

Positively repugnant. A disgrace not only to the Congress and the nation, but to humanity itself.

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