Introducing Wizbang Blue


Since earlier this year I’ve been working on an idea that sort of germinated at The CNN Blog Party last November – a liberal version of Wizbang. When frequent Wizbang commenter Lee approached me with basically the same idea I figured it was fate trying to tell me that it was an idea whose time has come.

Today we’re launching Wizbang Blue, a liberal (or if you prefer, progressive) political blog unlike anything else at Wizbang. Wizbang Blue will have a decidedly different viewpoint than those you’ll find at Wizbang and Wizbang Politics and that’s what will make it so interesting. Wizbang and Wizbang Politics aren’t changing, they’ll still be written from a decidedly conservative point of view. Wizbang Blue will offer an “in house” counterbalance.

Wizbang Blue is manned by a stable of Wizbang comment section regulars and they’re setting the agenda. I don’t expect that regular Wizbang readers will suddenly switch their political leanings, but I do expect they want to check in on what’s being written at Wizbang Blue regularly. By having a full spectrum of viewpoints readily available under one roof we will have something fairly unique in the blogosphere.

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