What Would It Take for Joe Lieberman to Fire Harry Reid?

Townhall has an online petition you can participate in to let Harry Reid know that you don’t think the war in Iraq is lost, while others are asking Joe Lieberman to fire Reid. There was a time, not so long ago, that Lieberman expressed concern about the Democrats’ position on Iraq. Now that so much has happened, including his majority leader declaring the war lost and congressional threats to defund the mission, what will he do? Is this going to be another case of Lieberman speaking out, but taking no action, as he did in the Clinton impeachment? This is a much more important matter, with not only many lives at stake, but also the security of the country and our place in the world. What would it take for Joe Lieberman to break ranks with the Democrats in the Senate and fire Harry Reid?

Lieberman on Iraq:

April 20, 2007

The question now before us is whether we respond to these terrorist attacks by running away as Al Qaeda hopes – abandoning the future of Iraq, the Middle East, and ultimately our own security to the very same people responsible for this week’s atrocities – or whether we stand united to fight them.

This is exactly the wrong time to conclude that we have lost the war in Iraq, or that our new strategy has failed. Instead, we should provide General Petraeus and his troops with the time and the resources to succeed. We should not surrender in the face of barbarism.

February 27, 2007

Gen. Petraeus says he will be able to see whether progress is occurring by the end of the summer, so let us declare a truce in the Washington political war over Iraq until then. Let us come together around a constructive legislative agenda for our security: authorizing an increase in the size of the Army and Marines, funding the equipment and protection our troops need, monitoring progress on the ground in Iraq with oversight hearings, investigating contract procedures, and guaranteeing Iraq war veterans the first-class treatment and care they deserve when they come home.

We are at a critical moment in Iraq–at the beginning of a key battle, in the midst of a war that is irretrievably bound up in an even bigger, global struggle against the totalitarian ideology of radical Islamism. However tired, however frustrated, however angry we may feel, we must remember that our forces in Iraq carry America’s cause–the cause of freedom–which we abandon at our peril.

December 29, 2006 — “Why We Need More Troops in Iraq”

In Iraq today we have a responsibility to do what is strategically and morally right for our nation over the long term — not what appears easier in the short term. The daily scenes of death and destruction are heartbreaking and infuriating. But there is no better strategic and moral alternative for America than standing with the moderate Iraqis until the country is stable and they can take over their security. Rather than engaging in hand-wringing, carping or calls for withdrawal, we must summon the vision, will and courage to take the difficult and decisive steps needed for success and, yes, victory in Iraq.

November 29, 2005 — “Our troops must stay.”

November 23, 2005 — Failure in Iraq would be “catastrophic.”

California Conservative
explains how damaging the Democrat leaders’ current words and actions on Iraq are and how they could cost them dearly, especially newly elected moderate Democrats in Congress. That is no consolation. Even if the Democrats’ current strategy benefits Republicans in the long run at the polls, the country will pay a higher price than I can even begin to imagine. Senator Lieberman has the power to act. He needs to exercise that power now to either convince his fellow Democrats to put country before politics, or to strip them of the power to continue pursuing a strategy of retreat and defeat.

Update: Michael Illions urges Lieberman to fire Reid the day the Iraq funding vote is taken.

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