John Kerry and the Truth about 9/11

Ace posted a video of John Kerry responding to a question about the “truth” about 9/11. Kerry says he will look into any claims “based on fact.” Ace makes a great point.

Sean offers the opinion that John Kerry was simply surprised and baffled by the question, which explains (and excuses) his failure to offer a straight-up refutation of the Truther conspiracy mongering.

I think that’s wrong.

If someone suggested to him he had evidence the Holocaust never happened, does anyone belive he would have repsonded in the same “sure I’ll look at the facts” way…?

How about if someone suggested to him Saddam had WMD’s post 2003 , or that Saddam had lower-level involvement with 9/11?

You think he would have been baffled by such questions and offered a similar “I’ll have to read up on that before offering an opinon” dodge? Or would he have been a tad more definitive in his answer?

Or let me put it this way:

Currently, John Kerry is on record as being of the belief that the debate over global warming is closed and no futher questioning is proper at all, but that the debate as to whether the American government blew up the WTC, WTC7, and the Pentagon — and executed all the passengers they had taken off the remotely-controlled airplanes — is, currently, open and subject to further review “based on fact.”Update: The link is now fixed.

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