Democrats Avoiding Iraq Briefings

A.J.Strata has something to say about Democrats avoiding briefings on Iraq. Read it all.

This is nothing new. Earlier this month Senator Levin was the lone Democrat to attend a briefing by Gen. Petraeus. Why should they attend briefings? They have already decided the war is lost. Better not to complicate that belief with current information from the field. But then Nancy Pelosi is getting her own information from the region — from Syria anyway. It is one thing to decide the war is a lost cause, but at least give the appearance that this is more than just politics by getting all available information about the situation. Even those who have declared the war lost still have a duty to do their jobs.

Update: If Democrats can’t manage to fit Iraq briefings into their busy schedules, then maybe they could just take a few minutes to read some milblogs. Pat Dollard has a message from Ramadi for Harry Reid.

"To jaw-jaw is always better than to war-war."
"Well, if they won't change, then we better."