24 Thread — Old School

Last week “24” returned to its roots with Jack motivated not only by a sense of duty, but out of desire to rescue a loved one. The other familiar turn was Jack acting without authorization. He generally ends up acting as a free agent at least part of the season with Chloe sneaking around CTU supporting him until someone catches her. It is time (no, way past time) for Chloe to be allowed to kick some butt. I don’t even care if it is terrorist butt anymore. It is also past time for some new plot twists. There have been some doozies in the past, and while seeing the former First Lady stab the disgraced former President with a knife she was using to slice kiwi might have been a bit of a shock, it wasn’t an interesting plot twist.

A new episode of “24” airs tonight at 9 p.m. on Fox after the new series Drive.

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