Who are these people?

I’ve always been fond of the Boston Herald. It’s a scrappy little tabloid, stuck in the shadow of the Boston Globe, but routinely eating their lunch on local news. They’re fairly conservative, but as a general rule their coverage is less biased politically and more sensationalistic.

Which makes something that happened this weekend a little strange.

On Saturday, they ran an incredibly snide, snippy, and largely fact-free tirade about Paul Wolfowitz and his current imbroglio within the World Bank — which he titularly heads. The column was written by someone I’ve never heard of — “Dale McFeatters” — and datelined Washington.

This morning, I had a sense of deja vu. Another column on Wolfowitz, same attitude, same snideness, same lack of actual substance, same Washington dateline — but this one bylined by “Ann McFeatters.”

I did a little Googling, and didn’t come up with much. “Dale” works for Scripps Howard, while “Ann” is apparently a free-lance writer.

But it still strikes me as odd that on two consecutive days, the Herald would find two columns written by authors with the same last name, same topic, same attitude, and same lack of anything beyond petty vitriol to run on two consecutive days.

Maybe the McFeatters work cheap or something.

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