As The Globe Warms, Episode 463

Remember how all the polar ice is melting because of SUVs? And Al Gore promised ocean levels would rise 20 feet because of it?

Tell it to these guys

More than 100 fishing boats struggling to return from the annual seal hunt with about 400 people aboard were trapped in shifting pack ice off Newfoundland, helpless as an Arctic wind squeezes the ice tight around their vessels, the Canadian Coast Guard said Thursday.

The moving pack ice, long the nemesis of explorers and sailors in the frozen north, was so thick it trapped two of five icebreakers sent to the scene, according to coast guard communications officer Susan Keough in St. John’s, Newfoundland. One was freed Thursday; the other remained icebound.

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“We haven’t seen conditions like this in over 10 years,” Keough said.

Read all of Doug Struck’s Washington Post article at the link above. Hat-tip to Christopher Alleva of The American Thinker for pointing to this story.

Of course, the ice pack was influenced by the “nor’easter” which blew through a few days ago. The point is that broad generalizations are often false. For instance, while “global warming” is certainly occurring on the average, it is by no means uniform. The poles and much of North America are slightly warmer, Europe is much warmer, but large sections of the southern hemisphere and the oceans are unchanged or even cooler. The only thing which is perfectly clear is that we lack a clear understanding of the problem.

In such circumstances, adopting the solutions of the Chicken Little Caucus – which, perhaps not coincidentally, are wholly based upon governments taking more control over the private economy, and “multilateral” organizations dictating actions to sovereign states – would be quite foolish. They would drastically curtail economic growth worldwide, which is the very engine which will someday discover the next big energy source to move beyond fossil fuels, and which accounts for nearly all of the efficiencies gained in energy production and use over the years. The more draconian measures squelch growth, the longer it will take for the next breakthroughs, and even for the next minor refinement which helps, even if a little.

For many, if not most, of those clamoring for immediate crackdowns on “greenhouse gases,” the important part is the seizure of new broad powers for central governments and multinational organizations. They don’t want the problem solved, they only want the power they say is needed to solve it.

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