Bad role models

My mother used to say that everyone in life has a purpose, even if it’s to be as a bad example.

Two examples of that recently — to radically different degrees — are New Jersey Governor John Corzine and the asshole who killed 32 people at Virginia Tech (whose name need never be spoken again).

Corzine’s crash, it now turns out, was breaking several laws. He was riding in the front seat without a seat belt. His driver was doing about 90 miles an hour, with no emergency situation and no lights.

Wednesday night, two guys in New Hampshire pulled a “Corzine” — but they weren’t so lucky. Their wreck killed them both, injured several others, and eventually involved six vehicles.

The assholes, it is worth noting, were both 1) fleeing the police and 2) not wearing seat belts.

The only fatality I truly mourn was the brand-new Corvette they totalled.

Meanwhile, at Boston University, less than a day and a half after the Virginia Tech massacre, one student lost control of his temper and started making threats.

Ugly threats. Violent threats. Specific threats.

So he got his ass tossed out of school and into jail. And if he didn’t have rich Mommy and Daddy to bail him out, he’d still be there.

Sometimes, the bad decisions and misdeeds of people can serve as a warning to others. Sometimes, they can inspire copycats. And sometimes, they just prove to be a complete and utter waste.

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