Hilary Clinton’s Favorable Ratings Fall through the Floor

Newsbusters has the story of the most recent Gallup poll that shows Hillary’s favorable rating is at a level that hasn’t been seen since 1993. In fact, it dropped 13 points in 2 months:

A majority of Americans have an unfavorable image of New York Sen. Hillary Rodham Clinton, the frontrunner for the Democratic presidential nomination. Clinton’s current 45% favorable rating with the American public is her third consecutive reading below 50% in the past two months, and is one of the lowest Gallup has measured for her since 1993. The recent decline in her image appears to be broad-based, as it is evident among most key subgroups. Even after her image first showed signs of decline in early March, Clinton managed to maintain a healthy lead in Gallup’s trial heat of Democratic preferences for the party’s 2008 presidential nomination. However, the new poll shows her lead has shrunk to just five percentage points over Barack Obama.

In the latest USA Today/Gallup poll, conducted April 13-15, 2007, more Americans say they have an unfavorable (52%) than a favorable view (45%) of Clinton…As recently as February, her favorable rating was a solid 58%.

That’s a rapid descent in a mere 2 months while her unfavorables are still up there at 52%. I’ll be shocked, however, if the MSM reports these numbers. To the media, Hillary is the heir apparent to the presidency, so they will avoid reporting information that could hurt her.

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