He ain’t got rhythm

I think I’ve finally figured out John Kerry’s fatal flaw. It’s not that he’s a career gigolo. It’s not that he’s a flip-flopper of legendary status. It’s not that he’s a sheer and utter phony.

It’s that like so many other white men (myself included), the man has no sense of rhythm. Of timing.

John Kerry was against the Viet Nam war, then he was for it, then he was against it again. He was against the first Gulf War, for the second, then against it again. He always had the right positions, but at the wrong time.

In the past week, he’s displayed his remarkable gift not once, but twice.

First up, barely five months after his “botched joke” pretty much shredded whatever chances he ever had of winning the presidency — and caused a huge headache for his fellow Democrats just before the November elections — he’s toying with the notion of running again. (Hat tip to Jim Addison of Wizbang Politics)

Then, after Don Imus has pretty much become the corpse that he’s looked like for so long, Kerry decides that it’s time for him to defend the I-Man, who did so much for his failed campaign back in 2004. Apparently Kerry agreed with those who noted that one of the biggest casualties of the whole Imus affair will be Democrats, who gained access (through Imus) to whole groups of voters that they couldn’t otherwise reach.

Poor John Kerry. Even a broken clock is right twice a day, but in his case one that’s always behind will never be correct.

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