Neocons: guilty even if proven innocent

As a general rule, I don’t care much about political figures. They come and go, their rises and falls are pretty much grist for the mill. But I have an innate sense of justice and fair play, and I don’t like it when a public official — even one who I despise — gets wrongly slammed.

It’s why I’ve occasionally defended Karl Rove. It seems that he’s behind every single misdeed that happens in Washington, the Evil Genius whose fingers are in every foul pie. It’s gotten to the point where slamming him is part of many people’s daily routine. (“6:00: wake up. 6:15: brush teeth. 6:30: Call for Karl Rove to be fired. 6:45: breakfast.”)

Back during the Valerie Plame foofaraw, it seems every moonbat and their brother was absolutely certain that KKKarl Rove had orchestrated this elaborate scheme to reveal that she was Secret Agent Double-Ought-Fourteen and… well, after that it gets a little vague. We even had the paranoid imbeciles at Truthout announcing that a Double Secret Indictment had been handed up, and any day Joe Wilson’s wet dream of Rove being “frog-marched” out of the White House would come to fruition.

Never mind that Rove was explicitly exonerated by the Special Prosecutor, who determined that 1) there was no crime committed at the core of the matter, and B) Rove didn’t do it anyway.

Well, now we have another of the Neocon Cabal who is in hot water. Paul Wolfowitz, former Pentagon official and now head of the World Bank, has been caught arranging a promotion and raise for his sweetie.

Well, not really.

So, was Wolfowitz involved in the treatment of his ladyfriend? Yup. But it wasn’t that simple.

From the outset, he made all parties very aware of their relationship and did all he could to prevent any possibility of accusations of favoritism. But officials of the World Bank insisted that he had to get involved, and said they trusted his judgment and impartiality.

And Wolfowitz actually believed them. He disclosed the relationship, he accepted the establishment of an “ethics committee,” cooperated fully with them, and accepted their recommendations on the matter.

But then they insisted that he had to sign off and approve their proposed resolution to the matter. And it is that approval that has him in such hot water. His acceptance of their recommendations — that the lady in question be treated fairly and rewarded for her good work, yet — is the “evidence” of his corruption.

I have to agree with the Opinion Journal. It looks like the “scandal” about Wolfowitz here is a manufactured, engineered political hit — and a trumped-up one to boot.

Regardless of one’s opinion of Wolfowitz and his beliefs and history, nobody deserves to be treated like that. If you’re going to destroy someone, at least make it over something they actually did.

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