Hating Bush is not a Foreign Policy

My blog board column at the Examiner this month is about the need for the Democrat presidential candidates to tell us how they would handle foreign policy if they won the office.

“Hate is not a family value” is a popular bumper sticker slogan many liberals have proudly displayed on their vehicles alongside Gore/Lieberman and Kerry/Edwards stickers.

Because the family values issue has taken a backseat to national security, it is about time for a new slogan. “Hate is not a foreign policy” is my suggestion for the perfect bumper sticker leading up to the 2008 election.

For well over three years now, we have heard Democrats tell us everything that is wrong with President Bush’s policy in Iraq, with many of the criticisms falling under the other popular liberal bumper sticker phrase, “Bush lied, people died.”…

For several years, most Democrats’ “policy” on Iraq consisted of hatred for whatever policy George Bush supported. Over the past couple of years, though, that “policy” has evolved from hatred of Bush and any policy he suggested to a call for withdrawal before the mission is complete. Most recently, Democrats passed a bill that would only fund the troops if a deadline for withdrawal from Iraq was included.

To put it in bumper sticker language, the policy went from “hate” to “retreat.” Hate is not a foreign policy, and retreat is not a plan for success.Please read the rest at The Examiner.

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