Virginia Tech Shooting: The aftermath

I figured we’d start a new thread for the Virgina Tech aftermath now that the “breaking news” aspect of this is largley over. We’ll update this for a while.

The first victim’s name has been released. Ryan Clark from the Augusta Ga area. His parents have told the media they think he was in the dorm and not a classroom. This is especially intersting because, if correct, he was apparently attached to the original incident this morning.

The Sun Times is reporting he was a Chinese student on a student visa.

The Roanoke Times is live blogging the details if you’re still looking for info.


As an aside, Bush and Pelosi both spoke, but taking that off the table, we can start an impromtu pool. Who will be the first pol to try to use the deaths of 32 kids for politcal gain AND when?

I figure the finger pointing and recrimination will be starting about 8 hours after the last bodybag is zipped.

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