24 — She’s Baaaack

Spoiler alert for those who have not yet watched last week’s episode.

Well, she’s back. I knew the news of her demise was not to be believed. I was really a bit too harsh on Audrey last season. She redeemed herself somewhat at the end of last season and I should have given her more credit for that. I was not so much down on her, as I was the whole kissy-kissy storyline. I mean, they have 24 hours to save the world. Can’t the love affair be put on hold for 24 hours for goodness sake?

Actually I am a bit relieved that Jack won’t be chasing those suitcase nukes all around California for the rest of the season. Boring. I hope this will signal a return to the good old days when Jack was not so conflicted. Fighting for a loved one, as he had to do for his wife in season one, and others in following seasons, has a way of causing one to focus. It also promises lots of action. If only they would let Chloe get out of that dark CTU headquarters and kick some terrorist butt.

A new episode of “24” airs tonight at 9:00 EDT on Fox. following the new series Drive.

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