Michael Moore is Sick

The New York Post is reporting Michael Moore’s latest stunt. Link via Drudge.

Filmmaker Michael Moore’s production company took ailing Ground Zero responders to Cuba in a stunt aimed at showing that the U.S. health-care system is inferior to Fidel Castro’s socialized medicine, according to several sources with knowledge of the trip.

The trip was to be filmed as part of the controversial director’s latest documentary, “Sicko,” an attack on American drug companies and HMOs that Moore hopes to debut at the Cannes Film Festival next month.

Two years in the making, the flick also takes aim at the medical care being provided to people who worked on the toxic World Trade Center debris pile, according to several 9/11 workers approached by Moore’s producers.

But the sick sojourn, which some say uses ill 9/11 workers as pawns, has angered many in the responder community.
Update: My post title is a reference to Moore’s movie title, “Sicko” and to his past as a dishonest movie maker and all around jerk. Just a couple of the reasons I have such a low opinion of Moore can be found here and here.

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