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Kev doesn’t give us too much in the way of rules.. heck or even guidance for that fact. But he did ask us once to keep any potty language out the subject lines. And I always like to give people with virgin eyes a warning. — (And the rant mode is still on.)

That subject should have read…. Terry Moran is a fucking asshole.


Mike Nifong, the North Carolina prosecutor who pursued a case of rape and kidnapping against three Duke University lacrosse players, has been found to have been reckless and deceitful in the discharge of his duties according to the state’s attorney general. He abused the power the people of Durham granted him. Based on the public record of what he did in this case, he may well be properly disbarred.

The accuser in this case has been shown to be either a vicious liar or a troubled fantasist.

The three young men who she accused are truly innocent of the charges brought against them according to the North Carolina Attorney General and the investigation led by his office.

So as we rightly cover the vindication of these young men and focus on the genuine ordeal they have endured, let us also remember a few other things:

They were part of a team that collected $800 to purchase the time of two strippers.

Fucking, fucking asshole. The team (famously) had 40 guys on it. That means each kid kicked in a whopping 20 bucks. Asshole Moran wants you to think because they are little rich kids it’s ok for them to be falsely accused of rape and spend a few years of their lives wondering if they are going to the slammer for a 30 years for a crime they didn’t commit.

How much does Terry Moron make?

Don Imus loses his job for his comments and this asshole is still employed. Why? He certainly offended me. — Oh, I’m not black, I forgot.

(rant mode suspended — for now)

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