Katie’s Staff’s Notebook: Obama prayed all over the place

Just for giggles, I thought I’d check out Katie Couric’s Staff’s Notebook, and see what Katie’s staff had her say. And it is surprisingly interesting.

It seems that Katie’s staff has decided to join the Fox News slander of Barack Obama (I believe that’s the liberal talking point phrase used to describe the reports, based on interviews with childhood friends and acquaintances) and repeat that he “prayed in mosques” as a child. And he prayed in Catholic churches, but it wasn’t “serious” prayer.

As I read somewhere else (but can’t recall precisely), this is, in a way, a step up for CBS. With Dan Rather, they were running bogus stories — and when caught, insisting that they were “fake, but accurate.” To go from that to presenting others’ stories and reports at least improves the accuracy of their stuff. In the courts, plagiarism is a civil matter, while fraud is criminal.

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