Tim Blair has compiled a brilliant list of life’s little contradictions. Some are specific to Australia, but the concepts still apply. Here is a sampling.

2 The same people who want to restrict cigarette smoking are invariably inclined towards decriminalising marijuana.

14 The same people who believe the Howard/Bush/Blair governments encourage a climate of fear by exaggerating the threat of terrorism never complain about the climate of fear fostered by Australian of the Year Tim Flannery, who consistently exaggerates the threat of global warming.

15 The same people who were offended by George W. Bush meddling in Australian politics are absolutely fine with Al Gore meddling in Australian politics.

16 The same people who thought anti-terror fridge magnets were a pointless tokenistic gesture nevertheless supported Earth Hour, during which they saved the planet by turning off their lights for 60 whole minutes.Read them all. Blair’s list is pretty much focused on political issues. There is a whole ‘nother set of these for family life. I could probably watch my kids for a day and come up with a complete list of my own.

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