Jesse Jackson is a Nappy Headed Ho

(rant mode officially on)

Can you believe the freaking gall of this man???? Check out his commentary on Duke.

REV. JESSE JACKSON SR.: Duke: Horror and Truth

“Divorced Mother Of Two, Working Way Through College, Allegedly Raped, Abused By Gang.” Had the headline read that way, the fury would have been great. [because there was no fury about the case -ed] The facts that the police didn’t arrest anyone, that the gang was not talking, that it took two days for the police to search the scene of the crime would have added to the anger.

But that’s not how it was reported. Rather, it was reported that a black stripper was accusing members of the Duke lacrosse team of rape after she and another woman were hired to dance for them at a party. That method of reportage put race and class in the center of the story.

Jesse Freaking Jackson is complaining that people injected race into a news story. –Let me say that again in case you missed it– Jesse Freaking Jackson is complaining that people injected race into a news story.

I guess it’s true that irony is lost on infantile race baiting dumbasses.

Anyone who considers themselves a follower of this man is a moron. It is high time the mainstream media quit kissing his dirty feet and call him out for being the bigoted racist moron he is.

(It hurts my brain to have to do this….)

To point out the obvious rebuttal, it was the exact fact she was black that made the 3 poor INNOCENT men go through the hell they endured.

(Having to rebut Jesse Jackson is like debating a first grader)

Jackson has no shame. He and the rest of the black “leaders” helped put these guys through a living hell and he has the freaking gall to whine….

I’m going to stop now before the 4 letter words start flying.

(rant mode not off, only suspended)

Holding Jesse Jackson to his Word
"Let's do it for the children!"