Did Democrats Invite the Muslim Brotherhood to Speak to Congress?

This comes to us from The MEMRI Blog via Rockets Brain Trust and Little Green Footballs:

The Egyptian opposition daily Al-Masryoon reported that high-level diplomatic sources said that Muslim Brotherhood General Guide Muhammad Mahdi ‘Akef, several members of his office, and Muslim Brotherhood MPs had been invited by U.S. Democrat congressmen to visit the U.S. next month and to speak to Congress.

Source: Al-Masryoon, Egypt, April 12, 2007

Is this possible? The Muslim Brotherhood whose mission statement is, “Allah is our objective. The Prophet is our leader. The Qur’an is our law. Jihad is our way. Dying in the way of Allah is our highest hope,” could be speaking to Congress?

The Muslim Brotherhood, as all Islamic terrorist organizations, wants the destruction of Israel, as its leader of MB’s parliamentary delegation told Steny Hoyer personally last week:

He wanted to continue the issue of Hamas that we discussed in the people’s assembly that morning, and he asked me of my reasons for supporting the Hamas movement despite the fact that it is a “terrorist organization” from his point of view. So I said to him that Hamas is a resistance movement defending itself from the terrorism of “Israel” that kills children and innocents, and that the ball is now in the United States’ court, especially after the flexibility the movement showed in the Mecca agreement and its acceptance of the principle of two states along the 1967 borders on the condition of the return of refugees. And the chair of the American delegation responded that the return of refugees means the disappearance of “Israel” from existence, so I said to him that is their problem. So he asked me, what is the solution? So I said to him: The solution is that the Jews should return to their original countries, return to the countries from which they came after the occupation of Palestine. And the argument continued between us around this issue, he defending the Zionist entity and me defending Hamas, until Dr. Kamal Abu al-Magd approached so I left, and we didn’t discuss anything other than this issue.

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If this is true, then the Democrats invited to speak to Congress a man who, in 2004, said this about America :

In response to a question by the Egyptian weekly Al-Arabi on “relations with the U.S,” ‘Akef said: “We have no relations with the U.S. It is a Satan that abuses the region, lacking all morality and law.” ‘Akef also denied any “secret dialogue between the Americans and the [Muslim] Brotherhood,” saying that this is “an unfounded lie.” [7]

In response to a question by the Jordanian weekly Al-Sabil about “Washington’s claims that it is acting to spread democracy in the Arab world,” ‘Akef said: “These are [futile] words and false propaganda. It is not logical that the U.S. – which destroyed Afghanistan, supports Israel’s daily ongoing aggression against the Palestinian people, and occupies Iraq and steals its treasures – is acting to spread democracy in the Arab world.” [8]

Update: LGF reports that the Muslim Brotherhood are now saying that the Democrats did not invite them to speak to Congress.

(CNSNews.com) – The Muslim Brotherhood has denied an Egyptian newspaper report saying that a visiting delegation led by House Majority Leader Steny Hoyer had invited members of the radical Islamist group to visit the U.S. Congress.

“These reports are totally groundless,” Muslim Brotherhood executive bureau member Mohamed Mursi said in a statement posted on the organization’s website.

Mursi said the group’s stance on dialogue with any foreign official was that “this dialogue should be held through sound diplomatic methods in the presence of a representative from the Egyptian Foreign Ministry.”

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