Things not conducive to blogging:

1) Oversleeping

B) Getting called in to work early.

Argh. I actually had MATERIAL for today, too, including one piece that would involve redesigning the American flag. I’ll try to get them written up later…

And while I’m apologizing, if yesterday’s “Notarious” piece seemed a bit rushed and dashed off, that’s because it was. My original third piece was a very nasty piece of satire — so nasty, I asked Kevin to take a look at it before publication. And he spiked it.

It was the right call. It had the germ of a good idea, but was nowhere developed enough for release. And while I have no problems about being especially vile on occasion, I damned well better get it just right — and that piece simply wasn’t good enough to justify the crap it would have stirred.

I still like the basic idea, though, and I might work on it some more and see if I can make it work — if not here, then perhaps somewhere else, maybe under a different name.

And for the record, this is the first time Kevin’s killed one of my pieces — and he only did so after I asked him to look it over with just that in mind. It was his call, but one I freely accept.

OK, off to work…

(Note: Not one person called me “Jay Tease?” Dang, you’re slipping, folks…)

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