Sadistic Murderer Gets Compensation For Being Called Rapist

I found the following story at This is really sad.

Wellington – A man jailed for life for murdering a teenage girl has won compensation from a newspaper group which wrongly described him as a rapist, it was reported on Tuesday.

Andrew Ronald MacMillan was granted legal aid – a government- funded scheme which allows people who cannot afford legal representation to get a lawyer – to sue Fairfax Media, publishers of New Zealand newspapers The Press and Dominion Post, for defamation and punitive damages.

Fairfax Media settled the case out of court, agreeing to publish a correction, payment of MacMillan’s legal costs and a small, undisclosed, sum in compensation.

MacMillan pleaded guilty to the murder of Jayne Maree McLellan, 17, in Dunedin, in 1988, who was left nearly naked, with extensive stab wounds, fractures to her face, stones in her windpipe to stop her screaming, and with one nipple nearly bitten off, but was not charged with rape, The Press reported.

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