Rusty Shackleford Gets Fatwa on His Head

Because Rusty denounces terrorism, those who support terrorism, and those who want to Islamify the West, a radical Muslim who writes at the blog Radical Muslim (link is slow but safe via Anonymouse) has issued a fatwa against him:

In his explanation of why we should be shut down, he makes the claim that this website is “Islamophobic” and that sites like ours ‘slander Islam’. A charge which is completely without merit. Unless, of course, by “Islamophobic” the author, Jamaal, thinks that any one who criticizes terrorists, their enablers, or fascists bent on setting up states run by Islamsts such as himself are “Islamophobes”. I know dozens and dozens of Muslims who faithfully practice their religion and would agree with nearly 100% of my political agenda. Are these Muslims also ‘Islamophobes’?

That agenda consists of nothing more than the promotion of secular liberal values. Values such as freedom of conscience and religion. The freedom to praise or criticize Mohammed, or Buddha, or Jesus, or whoever. The freedom to join or leave any religion. The freedom to read a Koran or burn a Bible.

If that is ‘hate’ or some kind of ‘phobia’, then consider me guilty as charged. I hate the Islamist agenda of the Talibanizing of the West. I am, indeed, phobic about Salafist intentions on banning the conversion of Muslims to Hinduism. And I really do think people who support terrorist organizations, such as Hamas or The Islamic State of Iraq (al Qaeda front group) are dangerous.

The specific charge was that we were instrumental in getting the editor of al, a professor of sociology at Dalton State College, to stop his publication–an overtly pro-terror website. Alas, this charge is also true. I’m not sure exactly how that is ‘Islamophobia’, but for the ‘radical Muslim’ I’m guessing that anyone, like me, who opposes groups listed by the State Department as terrorist organizations, such as The Popular Front for the Liberation of Palestine, is an ‘Islamophobe’ by definition.

I have to say, though, that I’m a bit flattered by Jamaal’s death fatwa. Long time readers know, that its been a goal of mine to get myself one. Not just a death threat from a Muslim, I have loads of those, but an official fatwa. I would consider myself lucky to be included in the ranks of Salman Rushdie, Ayaan Hirsi Ali, or Wafa Sultan–all alleged “blasphemers” and critics of sharia and the traditional understanding of the sunna (example of Muhammed).

I’m also flattered that he decided to name his list of targets “fatwa worthy” in an apparent ironic homage to my own “fatwa worthy” list of links to the right [which seem to be down right now due to a problem at blogrolling]. Of course, irony means something like the use of words other than their literal intentions. So, when I say Charles Johnson’s LGF, Ed Morrissey’s CQ, Michelle Malkine’s Hot Air, or Robert Spencer’s Jihad Watch are ‘fatwa worthy’, I’m being ironic. When he attempts irony, it falls flat. He really means that the links, like mine, are literally ‘fatwa worthy’. Nice try. Moron.


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