It’s the Stupidity, Economy

College Graduate Jobs and Pay Outlooks Stronger This Year

More than a million college seniors are preparing to enter the real world this spring – and their prospects are remarkably good. The number of new college graduates hired by U.S. companies will be 17.4 percent larger this year than a year ago, says a survey by the National Association of Colleges and Employers.

Go figure.

Topping [the] list is Las Vegas, according to a new Bizjournals study that identifies the 10 metropolitan areas where job opportunities are strongest for young adults.

Duh. Las Vegas is like a live-action infomercial for capitalism.

Plus it goes without saying there virtually are no traces of leftism as public policy in Las Vegas. In addition Nevada politically has been operated in a conservative fashion for more than a decade.

Employers are on the lookout this year for graduates holding the following bachelor’s degrees. They are listed in order of anticipated demand:

1. Accounting.
2. Business administration and management.
3. Computer science.
4. Electrical engineering.
5. Mechanical engineering.
6. Information sciences and systems.
7. Marketing and marketing management.
8. Computer engineering.
9. Civil engineering.
10. Economics and finance.


But there’s good news for liberal arts students too:

Starbucks will be adding thousands of new locations over the next few years, and there will be a real need for mocha and latte makers.

Mmm, Starbucks.

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