Al-Sadr Anti-American Protest was a Bust

Al-Sadr was hoping for 3,000,000 protesters to come burn American flags and shout “Death to America” in an effort to show how many Iraqis want America to get out of their country. Well, Al-Sadr’s hopes were dashed. Even the though the MSM reported as many as tens of thousands of people, in reality, there were only 5,000 – 7,000. Gateway Pundit has the details:

It’s refreshing to see the world’s finest military win a battle on the media front!

Of all of the 1,800 plus articles published yesterday on the Al Sadr Anti-US-occupation protest in Najaf, Iraq, not one mentioned that the turnout was way below what was expected and hoped for by the media and the pro-Iranian Regime Mahdi Army leader.

Both the Associated Press and New York Times reported that “tens of thousands” attended the protest.

From the pictures that were released by the MSM of the protest it was impossible to tell exactly how many showed up to stomp on and burn the US flag… An aerial shot from Najaf, Iraq yesterday shows a protest of 5,000-7,000 Al-Sadr devotees rather than the 3,000,000 that was hoped for.

This is a serious blow to Al-Sadr’s power and influence, and he’s got to be smarting from such a PR flop. The Iraqi people don’t seem to care what this guy thinks anymore. What a shame.

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