Obama and Hillary Pull Out of Fox Debate

Obama chickens out and Hillary does, too. I say “chickens out” because they are either afraid of appearing on a network they know won’t bend over backward to throw them softballs, as ABC did with their 30 minute kissy GMA Hillary campaign commercial or they are afraid of letting John Edwards “out moonbat” them. If they are really determined to boycott Fox I hope they continue to do so throughout the duration of the campaign. I would be happy to see Democrats confine themselves to the lower rated cable news channels. Unfortunately, they are given enough free fawning coverage by the big three networks that I suppose they have decided they can get by without appearing on Fox News. One result should be that the Republican primary debates which Fox carries will receive a bigger audience than the Democrat primary debates that run on other cable news networks. What I would like to see is Fox host a debate in the general election and see Democrats be consistent and boycott that one. Could we see a one hour or ninety minute debate with only the Republican and possibly a Libertarian or other third party candidate debate? I know — that would never happen, but it will be interesting to see how this all plays out. If anyone had a reason to boycott a network due to bias, it would be any Republican candidate for president. CBS, for example? Anyone up for a “fake, but accurate” debate?

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