Not a Fair Fight

I rarely ever catch Reliable Sources, but happened to see a few minutes of it yesterday. I stopped and watched because I saw Mary Katharine Ham in the little Brady Bunch box, along with Arianna Huffington, Howard Kurtz and Joan Walsh. I called my girls into the room to see Mary Katharine, but Arianna was talking at the time. My ten-year-old’s first comment was “Where is she from?” I told her that was good question and I was not referring to her country of origin.

Mary Katharine was pitted against three liberals, including Howard Kurtz, but held her own. Next time they might need to bring in a couple more liberals to go up against Mary Katharine because three was not enough. When Arianna tried to say there is no difference between the left and right when it comes to crazies hurling invective on the internet, Mary Katharine did not let it stand. Newsbusters has a partial transcript.

I disagree just a little bit. I think it is easy to say that this is a problem of both sides without realizing that there — despite Arianna’s obvious comportment and elegance on TV, that there are some serious monkeys hanging from the rafters over on the left side of the blogosphere.

And Michelle Malkin has been getting the C-word and the W-word in her in-box for years. And the same folks who wish for Cheney to be assassinated online are saying, you know, that Condi is a — is brown sugar or, you know, a house slave.

So I think that they — there really is a problem on the left side of the blogosphere with some of…Follow the link for the rest of the transcript, including my favorite line about the attacks on conservative bloggers going “politely unnoticed.”

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