Iran Makes Announcement on Nuclear Program

Iran successfully diverted the world’s attention away from its nuclear program when it kidnapped and held against their will 15 British sailors and Marines for 13 days. Now that the Brits are home safe with their families, Ahmadinejad got right back to his nuclear ambitions and made a big announcement today about his country’s nuclear progress:

NATANZ, Iran — Iran announced Monday that it has begun enriching uranium with 3,000 centrifuges, a dramatic expansion of a nuclear program that has drawn U.N. sanctions and condemnation from the West.

President Mahmoud Ahmadinejad said at a ceremony at the enrichment facility at Natanz that Iran was now capable of enriching nuclear fuel “on an industrial scale.”

Asked if Iran has begun injecting uranium gas into 3,000 centrifuges for enrichment, top nuclear negotiator Ali Larijani replied, “Yes.” He did not elaborate, but it was the first confirmation that Iran had installed the larger set of centrifuges after months of saying it intends to do so. Until now, Iran was only known to have 328 centrifuges operating.

The next time Ahmadinejad creates an international incident, we’ll know it’s because he’s got something big, most likely a nuclear advancement, going on in the background that he doesn’t want the world to know about until he’s ready to unveil it. When will the world community figure this out? Ahmadinejad has got to be laughing his ass off at the stupidity of the West and the UN.

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