W(h)ither Democracy?

Our friends on the political Left seem fond of imbuing certain words with talismanic power. “Multiculturalism,” “diversity,” “dialogue”–these and kindred phrases figure prominently in the rhetorical arsenal of our lefty pals. In fact, one probably can’t attend college in the United States these days without hearing multiple paeans to “diversity” and “dialogue.” These locutions are simply inescapable.

Strangely, though, our buddies on the Left implicitly provide curious definitions for their beloved words of choice. After all, you needn’t be a Women’s Studies major to recognize that the leftist’s notion of “diversity” seems notably un-diverse. Not much room for intellectual diversity, is there?

Although, furthermore, the lefties love “multiculturalism,” for some reason evangelical Christians don’t count as one of the world’s glorious cultures. Funny, that.

We, the crack young staff of “The Hatemonger’s Quarterly,” have noted that our friends on the political Left have even offered their own set of curious definitions to a word of great power among their neoconservative enemies–democracy. These days, it seems, our lefty pals bandy about very strange meanings for the word “democracy.”

Take, for instance, the far-left radio and television program “Democracy Now! Hosted by an odious radical called Amy Goodman, the show offers little more than nutty propaganda: Almost all the guests share the “progressive” views of the host and merely browbeat the audience with dubious arguments. The “Democracy Now!” crowd, after all, are the type of people who consider Sami Al-Arian a philo-Semitic American patriot.

And this gets us to our point: The folks who bring us “Democracy Now!” truculently oppose the liberation of Iraq. Undoubtedly many of them opposed the removal of the Taliban in Afghanistan. Further, they have nothing but vitriol for Israel, the lone democracy in the entire Middle East.

How can these buffoons present themselves as promoting, well, “Democracy Now”? Or even “Democracy a Bit Later”? Not, we daresay, for the people of Iraq and Afghanistan.

Apparently they promote a rather selective vision of democracy. To them, democracy is the power of a ragtag assortment of dilapidated hippies clad in Che T-shirts at a useless International ANSWER march. Democracy, it appears, is just a synonym for Free Mumia.

But you needn’t take our word for it. Just check out a recent article from “Democracy Now!” stalwart Noam Chomsky, who argues in the pages of The Nation that the way to handle the Iranian regime is by promoting democracy–in America.

Here’s The Nation‘s feculent description for this feculent piece, which is titled “How To Stop a Showdown with Iran”:

There’s no way of knowing if the White House is planning war in Iran. But stopping Bush from sparking intentional or accidental war requires the promotion of democracy–this time at home–in a way that allows public opinion to shape policy.

Yeah, yeah, yeah: Those poor Persians must still endure the horrors of fascistic mullahs. It’s America, thinks Mr. Chomsky, that requires lessons in democracy. (And by this, of course, he means the eschewing of representative democracy in favor of a foreign policy shaped entirely by public opinion polls.)

And to think these fools have the audacity to claim that they are “speaking truth to power.” Where’s the truth?

(Note: The crack young staff normally “weblog” over at “The Hatemonger’s Quarterly,” where they are currently wondering how Noam Chomsky, a scorching critic of the evils of capitalistic America, can blithely live in tony Lexington, MA.)

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