What the British Marines and Sailors Endured

The Daily Mail has details of the circumstances under which the freed British hostages lived while they were held against their will in Iran:

The British sailors released by Iran have today told how they were kidnapped and blindfolded and subjected to ‘constant psychological pressure’.

The sailors and marines were told if they did not admit they had strayed into Iranian waters they faced seven years in prison.

Two of the freed captives shared the reading of a prepared statement at Royal Marines Base at Chivenor, north Devon, where they revealed the first details of their time as hostages.

Lieutenant Felix Carman confirmed the sailors were in Iraqi waters when they were detained by Iran. “We were 1.7 nautical miles from Iranian waters,” he said.

The sailors and marines said they were bound, blindfolded and lined up against a wall while weapons were cocked, making them “fear the worst”.


Marine Tindell, from Shooters Hill, south east London told BBC News 24: “On day two the mood completely changed, they changed from the military dress to all black, their faces covered.

“We thought we were going to the British embassy but we got taken to a detention centre, all 15 of us.

“We had a blindfold and plastic cuffs, hands behind our backs, heads against the wall. Basically there were weapons cocking. Someone, I’m not sure who, someone said, I quote ‘lads, lads I think we’re going to get executed’.

“After that comment someone was sick and as far as I was concerned he had just had his throat cut.

“From there we were rushed to a room, quick photo and then stuffed into a cell and didn’t see or speak to anyone for six days.”

Iran’s reaction to the British Sailors and Marines’ press conference:

Iran’s state television said the British military “dictated” to its sailors what to say in a press conference on Friday.

The former captives told reporters they were pressured while in custody to admit to being in Iranian waters.

In its news report on the sailors, Iranian state TV said they held a “pre-organised” press conference in which “the British sailors only read from pages dictated to them.”

“They made statements completely different from what they had said in Iran and claimed that they were in Iraqi waters when detained,” the TV newsreader said.

The newscast then turned to an in-house “political analyst,” who called the sailors’ press conference “a show.”

“British military officials dictated it, but this show will not change the reality or undermine the credibility of the fact that the British sailors were in Iranian waters,” said the analyst, who spoke to TV by telephone and was identified only by his family name, Zaraei.

Hmmm. Who will the world believe, the British Marines or the Iranian government? Gee, tough call. (That’s sarcasm for you lefties.)

Update: Who’s the real Ahmadinejad? Human Events has an interesting piece that provides details of Ahmadinejad’s past that very few people know:

The answers to these questions actually lie within Ahmadinejad’s history, something about which he and the Iran government have been less than forthcoming. According to sources inside Iran, before becoming president, Ahmadinejad served the Iranian regime in several capacities. First, as a militant student leader chosen by Ayatollah Khomeini shortly after the revolution, he was a co-founder of Khomeini’s Office for Consolidating Unity (OCU), an organization that stormed universities and jailed students and professors. He next worked as a professional interrogator, responsible for questioning and torturing political prisoners, including U.S. hostages. A member of Iran’s Islamic Revolutionary Guard Corps (IRGC) from its inception, Ahmadinejad fought on Iran’s northwestern border during the Iran-Iraq War. At that time, he participated in a special operations mission in Kirkuk, deep inside Iraq. It is now widely acknowledged that Iran is heavily involved in sending roadside bombs, explosives, and arms into Iraq to kill American forces, all with the full backing of Ahmadinejad and the supreme Leader, Ali Khamenei. Ahmadinejad knows exactly what they are capable of in Iraq because he conducted missions there himself. He has also served as a senior commander of an elite section of the IRGC, which later became the Qods Force. In this role he conducted secret operations to assassinate the regime’s enemies in Europe and the Middle East.

The “everyman” perception of Ahmadinejad as a big-city mayor who came from behind to win the presidency is based on a fiction put forward by the regime. In reality, Ahmadinejad was carefully selected for his post based on his military expertise, devotion to the regime’s fundamentalist brand of Islam, and strong ties to the supreme leader.

Read the rest.

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