President Bush Has Been Too Nice To The Democrats

In my Townhall column today I say it is time for President Bush to stop being Mister Nice Guy. Democrats need to be called out for their reckless words and actions and be held accountable for the consequences.

One thing Republicans should have learned over the past six years is the importance of having a President who is a master communicator. Unfortunately they have had to learn it by having a President who is not one. Not only is President Bush not a master orator, but he has just been too darn nice to Democrats who are playing politics at the nation’s expense.

When Democrats in Congress recently voted to attach a deadline for withdrawal (and a ton of pork) to a bill to fund the troops in Iraq, President Bush called a press conference and did call Democrats out for trying to meddle in war policy. He also said, “the consequences of imposing such a specific and random date of withdrawal would be disastrous,” Of those comments, some said he was attacking the Democrats. Nancy Pelosi told the President to “calm down.”

He doesn’t need to calm down, he needs to get fired up, and fast. It is time for the President to start calling things what they are. He is good at doing that when talking about terrorists and totalitarian dictators. When it comes to identifying the disgusting, hypocritical, and downright dangerous behavior of some Democrats, though, he generally holds his fire.

There are serious consequences to leading Democrats spending the past three years telling the world the U.S. President lied about the reason for sending troops into battle to risk life and limb. There are consequences to Democrat lawmakers playing politics with a bill funding the troops in Iraq by insisting on deadlines that would hamstring the commander-in-chief and the military decision makers in the field. There are consequences to the Speaker of the House, third in line for the Presidency, undermining the current administration by attempting to conduct foreign policy in an extremely sensitive region of the world in direct defiance of administration policy and in spite of administration admonitions.

The President tried a “new tone” by extending the hand of friendship to Democrats when he took office, but got no credit for it. Anytime Democrats attack the President, sometimes with words and accusations more vile than anything they ever use on even terrorists, he is the one who gets blamed for the discord and gets ridiculed for his past stated intent to be a “uniter, not a divider.” Please follow the link to read it all.

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