Dennis Miller: Rosie’s Trying to Get Fired

Dennis Miller proffered a reason for Rosie’s increasing craziness: she’s trying to get fired. He explained his opinion on Bill O’Reilly’s show Wednesday night:

But Iger’s got a real problem here with Rosie. Because I think Rosie wants to get fired. I don’t think she’s this paranoid. At the end of the day, I don’t think she believes George Bush blew up the World Trade Centers.

But I do believe that Barbara Walters owns every back end piece of that show. Barbara might wear gloves up to her forearms. But the fact is she’s got sharp elbows right above that. And Rosie has no back end on that show. She needs to get out of that deal. Because with the ratings spike she’s brought to “The View”, she realizes if she has part ownership in a daytime show she can print money.

So she is going increasingly outlandish. I think she’s trying to get whacked.

Would she go so far as to portray herself as a complete nut and conspiracy theorist just to get fired? Well, there are an awful lot of nuts out there who agree with all the nasty, horrible, hurtful things she’s said and who would watch her if she does get canned and picked up by someone else.

Hat tip: Ann Althouse

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