Courting the Loony Left

John Edwards has declined to participate in a second Fox News debate.

RALEIGH, N.C. – Democratic presidential candidate John Edwards on Friday pulled out of a second debate co-hosted by Fox News Channel, saying the cable network has a conservative slant.

The Edwards campaign said it will not attend the Sept. 23 debate hosted by Fox News and the Congressional Black Caucus Institute, but officials added that Edwards will participate in a different debate hosted by the institute and CNN.

“We believe there’s just no reason for Democrats to give Fox a platform to advance the right-wing agenda while pretending they’re objective,” said Jonathan Prince, Edwards’ deputy campaign manager.

It’s the second time Edwards has decided to skip a debate because of its affiliation with Fox News. Edwards decided in March that he would pass on an Aug. 14 debate in Reno, Nev., co-hosted by Fox News and the Nevada Democratic Party.He is courting that loony left vote like a champ. I think this is hilarious. Conservatives have complained for years about media bias and lefties have made fun of us for it, even though groups like the Media Research Center have documented thousands of instances of extreme and blatant bias on all three major networks, as well as on CNN and MSNBC. Now Fox News comes along and those on the left go into meltdown mode. Man up, Edwards. Is Brit Hume really that scary?

I could understand not wanting to go on al Jazeera or something like that, but Republicans go on news shows everyday where they are ridiculed and the facts are misreported. If Edwards is too fragile to go on Fox News, how on earth is he gonna handle being President? The dumbest thing, though, is that Democrats prefer going on a network with a much smaller audience than Fox. That makes perfect sense when running for President. Try to reach the smallest audience possible. But Edwards isn’t really running for President now. He is running for the Democrat nomination and that has nothing to do with reaching the masses, and everything to do with reaching the loony left base. It looks like Edwards is willing to reach pretty far to the left to win that vote.

OK, at this point I'm abusing sarcasm...
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